Mira Rajput fitness routine & skincare secrets

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-07,11:55:20 entertainment

Morning with breathing exercise

Mira starts her day with doing breathing exercises. She discussed on her Instagram how much she appreciates the harmony and positivity it gives.

Multiple use of Gym Ball

A gym ball can be used for stretches, posture improvement, and core muscle training. It can be seen being used by Mira as a temporary weight to work her upper body.


The strength-training activity, which is solely dependent on an individual's own body weight, is carried out with rings in this exercise


Yoga is known for its variety of movement techniques, but it also focuses on generating good vibes. ‘Bare feet, grounded in the sand, Somewhere, in between inhale and exhale, you’ll find yourself’

HIIT training

A HIIT workout consists of quick bursts of intensive effort lasting between 10 and 60 seconds, followed right away by an active recovery phase

Eat healthy stay healthy

Mira consumes wholesome, simple vegetarian meals. Ghee and plenty of water, plus petha juice a few times per week.

Basil water for acne

Simply apply some basil to the affected region after soaking some basil in water. It helps reducing the bump and redness around your acne

Basic besan face pack

Mix 2 tspn of Besan in milk, and rose water. The texture of the same will be a little watery, appy it on your face, let it dry and then wash it.

Haldi honey face pack

Apply a small amount of honey and a pinch of turmeric to your face. All you have to do is that. Ten to fifteen minutes later, gently rinse off with water.

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