Mohan Bhargav from Swades to Brahmastra

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-19,12:48:47 entertainment


With the release of Brahmastra and fans cheering the return of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan, the idea of Astraverse looks too real now.

Vanar Astra

Shahrukh Khan as Vanar Astra in Ranbir-Alia’s starrer made public demand a spin off with just Shahrukh and his journey from Mohan Bhargav to the scientist.

Mohan Bhargav

The craze of the spirit was so high that audiences went on to watch Swades to find any leads that would lead SRK's Mohan to Brahmansh, Ashutosh Gowariker's Swades were sent out.

Journey from Chandrapur to Brahmansh

Fans are willing to find out if there is any connection between Mohan’s native village Charanpur and Brahmansh, or maybe the place is the secret society.

Villagers faith in Mohan

Minutes after Mohan arrived in the village everyone, especially the older section knew that something will definitely change,the story can take a mysterious turn from here.


Moreover the character of Mohan’s love interest Geeta portrayed by Gayatri Joshi can play a huge role in the astraverse as she was one of the strongest pillars for Mohan.

The death of geeta & Mohan’s parents

Both Geeta and Mohan’s parents died nearly at the same time, this coincidence can turn into an exciting plot which could pave the way for Brahmansh.

Shahrukh as scientist

It won't be difficult to believe the character's shift as Mohan was already a well-known scientist in NASA and whose down-to-earth demeanour demonstrated his love of culture and mythology.

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