Top 10 Handsome Bodyguards of BTS, Blackpink, Twice, TXT & more

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

BTS bodyguard pt. 1

He was spotted outside one of BTS concerts back in 2018 and ARMY went gaga over his personality.



One of the most well-known bodyguards in K-pop history is Mr. Park, who has been with IU since 2011. They both share a very adorable bond

Taeyeon Girls generation bodyguard

Goes by the name Han Ji Min is absolutely famous and known as one of the hottest bodyguard in K-pop


Twice bodyguard

Twice female bodyguards are not only strong but are extremely beautiful.

CNBLUE bodyguard

Fans even made a dedicated page for whom they call ‘bodyguard Kim’


BTS bodyguard pt. 2

BTS bodyguards and backup dancers have always dropped goals but this particular gentleman gained a lot of attention & many ARMY wished to marry him.

TXT bodyguard

Yes, he is the same and recently was seen protecting TXT too, so now two absolute great fandom Moa and ARMY are stanning him.

Bigbang Bodyguard

For many years, BIGBANG's bodyguard Choi Jae Ho served as the group's shadow, guarding them.

Blackpink Bodyguard

Although Blackpink have male guards but this female bodyguard caught the attention of BLINKS who think her visuals are totally model type


Gong Minzy bodyguard

Tae Soo serves as Gong Minzy's team manager in addition to serving as her personal bodyguard.


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