Most handsome K-drama oppas who took the Netflix by storm

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-29,16:07:36 entertainment

Park Hyung Sik

You probably know him from Strong Girl do bong soon, but the global fan following took him to the top with ‘Suits’

Lee Dong Wook

Known for his beautiful eyes and powerful aura Lee Dong Wook is a never aging vampire, and we are convinced after Tale of the nine tailed

Lee Jong Suk

The Pinocchio actor never aged a day, while fans were waiting for him to return from the military soon he did it in a ‘big Mouth’ way.

Kang Tae Oh

Extraordinary attorney woo heartthrob is new in the list of most handsome K-drama actors, his charm captivated a lot of hearts

Choi Woo Shik

BTS V and Choi Woo Shik friendship did magic on the Netflix screen when ‘our beloved summer’ made it to the most romantic K-drama and OST list

Park Hae Jin

From now on showtime and Man To Man did wonders making him one of the most adored and loved K-drama actors voted by the global fandom

Nam Da Reum

Did you enjoy ‘Sound of the Magic’? You may have then fallen in love with Young Lee Eul, aka Nam Da Reum, the town's newest heartthrob.

Kim Seon Ho

We all remember the dimple couple from Hometown Cha Cha Cha, and so yes Kim Seon Ho’s present in this list is quite mandatory

Kim Soo Hyun

Ranked #1 as the most handsome face as well as heavily paid K-drama actor Kim So Hyun got popularity among global fans with Netflix hit ‘it’s Okay to not be okay’

Lee Min Ho

We cannot even argue for Lee Min Ho’s omnipresence in every K-drama lover's hearts. Legends of the blue sea actor has got all the good reasons to be in this list

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