Mouni Roy winter skincare regime

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Morning beauty ritual

Mouni morning ritual involves drinking gallons of water most preferably warm or lukewarm water with a bit of cinnamon

Secret to glowing skin

Say no to heavy makeup products & creams when at home instead try using Malai on your face.

Moisturizing in winter

The gorgeous Bengali beauty Mouni previously admitted that in the winter, she moisturises her hands and feet with mustard oil.

Petroleum jelly to rescue

According to Mouni, petroleum jelly prevents her skin from becoming dry and flaky.

Day beauty regime

Mouni never steps out of the house without sunscreen and a lip balm whether it’s summer or winter. She suggests taking dermatologists' help to decide what is best for your skin type.

Mouni swears by Aloevera & turmeric

Another secret to the actress' flawless complexion is aloe vera and turmeric. Mouni adds these two ingredients to DIY face masks to prevent breakouts of acne and pimples.

Face massages are the must

Never underestimate the power of facial yoga which helps fight early aging signs and keeps your skin glowing and radiant.

Face massage

Mouni enjoys facial massages much and makes sure to get one at least once a week from a professional.

Lip Balm

actresses frequently apply lip balm. She has a sizable collection Inside her bag, she keeps at least three or four lip balms.

Remove makeup before sleeping

In order to thoroughly break down the tough chemical-based makeup, Mouni employs an oil-based cleanser.

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