K-dramas to watch if you loved The Glory

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-21,17:08:08 entertainment

Taxi Driver 2021

For all those who fell in love with The Glory for the revenge driven plot, Taxi Driver is the perfect treat to watch, A rainbow company which is not just the ordinary Taxi company

Save Me

Loved the dark theme of Song Hye Kyo’s Glory, Save me will make it even more darker as the family of 4 relocates to start fresh but it definitely is not what they expected

My Name

One of the best K-drama we came across in present time Han So-Hee joins the mafia group to exact revenge of his father’s death only to encounter something very unexpected

Class of lies

Experience the class of bullies, lies and revenge at one place, the K-drama released in 2019 will make sure to keep you hooked till the very last

Itaewon Class

The best underrated K-dramas of all the time Itaewon remains the cult classic on Netflix, it follows Park Seo Joon who relocates to itaewon to avenge his father’s death

Beautiful world

Beautiful world can be heart wrenching and thrilling at the same time, and if you are someone who enjoy dark plots, this can be on your weekend binge list

Reborn Rich

Song Joong Ki’s comeback cannot be ordinary, Reborn Rich is the perfect example of revenge based drama but with so many unexpected twists

The world of married

A doctor who thinks she is having a perfect life with loving husband and adorable son finds out her husband having affair and the story unfolds


Eve follows a basic idea seen in the most significant revenge films while maintaining freshness and originality


Last but not least we have Vincenzo with the perfect blend of drama, romance and a pinch X no gallon full of revenge

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