Netflix India top 10 trending series of the week

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Stranger Things season 4

At the moment, two volumes of the fourth season of the American horror-thriller are streaming in the top 10.

She season 2

She narrates the story of a poor female constable who joins the Anti Narcotics Team to take on a powerful drug lord by going undercover.

The Umbrella academy season 3

A beautifully crafted glimpse inside the crazy and chaotic family of superhuman children who have grown up and had their lives flipped upside down.

Man Vs Bee

A businesswoman mistakes a homeless man for her new house caretaker. He tries to maintain this house while being hounded by a malicious bee,

The sea beast

A young girl slips onboard a sea monster hunter's ship, and they set out on an incredible journey into uncharted territory.

Alchemy of souls

It’s a fantasy drama that tells stories of young magicians navigating heaven and earth. starring Hwang Min-hyun, Jung So-min, and Lee Jae-wook.

Ghost doctor

Two doctors with very different backgrounds and skill sets merge into one person in the series.


191 passengers from Flight 828 attempt to rejoin society after being presumed dead.

Money Heist Korea

The popular Spanish crime drama La Casa De La Papel has been adapted into the Korean television series Money Heist Korea - Joint Economic Area.

Stranger things 3

In the summer of 1985, Hawkins' newly built Starcourt Mall caused quite a stir, pushing other businesses to close as a result of its success.

K-drama releasing on Netflix in July 2022