K-Dramas to Help you Sail from Hot Summers

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati entertainment

Our Blues

Our blues features some amazing veteran K-Actors and K-Actresses who bring you the stories of lively yet tired lives of Jeju Island, a tale of the people of romance.


Have you ever heard of a grim reaper who saves people's lives? 'Tomorrow,' on the other hand, introduces a group of professionals who work to save suicidal souls and give them the courage to live up.

Bloody Heart

Bloody Heart tells the story of a King who abandons his beloved wife in order to survive the cutthroat politics of Joseon.

The Sound Of Magic

Yoon Ahyi, a high school student, wishes to magically become an adult and mature as quickly as possible. One day, she meets Lee Eul, an adult magician who wishes to stop time.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Imagine sharing the same emotion with someone else. Eating, loving, and dying all at the same time? Eat, Love, Kill is a drama that depicts two people experiencing the same emotions at the same time.

Our Beloved Summer

This love story, based on a webtoon series, features and follows two rivals who are reunited by fate to do exactly what they used to do in high school when they competed against one another.

Business Proposal

Ha-ri disguises herself as a friend and attends a blind date in order to scare away her friend's prospective suitor. However, things go wrong when he reveals himself as the ceo and makes a proposal.

Thirty Nine

Three best friends, on the verge of turning forty, lean on each other through thick and thin as they navigate life, love, and loss.

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