9 features which defines Korean Beauty standard in your face

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-05,10:58:18 entertainment

Small face

As per South Korean beauty standard a small face is one of the initial base to fit in the standard

Pale and glass skin

To look more attractive in modern Korea, especially for Korean women, having pale skin is a need, some get it naturally and others have to rely on beauty products

V-shaped face

Other face types besides V shapes are regarded as being too wide and masculine for a woman and therefore a V shaped is the most preferable for women

High cheekbones

Women's face appearance is more influenced by cheekbones, koreans prefer it higher than usual but not overboard

Big Eyes & double eyelids

Normally Koreans are born with small eyes, but having big eyes & with double eyelids is a boon and you will instantly grab attention, many opts for a surgery to achieve this

High bridged but small nose

A woman's nose should be tiny, high-bridged, and pointed, according to Korean norms of feminine beauty, so that it can fit in the perfect symmetrical face

Plump Lips

One of the most important factor, you might have seen many K-pop idols and K-drama actors having plump and pink lips

White and straight teeth

White and Straight teeth is the cherry on the cake, and this goes for both male and female norm

Tiny Waist

Having hourglass figure and tiny waist is the most prominent factor to fit in the norms, many go through rigorous diet and starving to achieve this

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