Prachi Desai beauty secret to gain flawless skin

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Prachi Desai

From an adorable bahu Bani in Kasam se to Once Upon a time sexy lady Prachi Desai came a long way but her beauty remained intact. Want to know the secret? Here we go

Stay Hydrated

Almost everyone with flawless skin quotes ‘drink as much water as you can’ and Prachi is no different. The diva despite having a tight schedule never compromises with her water consumption.

The lesser the experiment better the skin

Prachi is consistent with the skincare and cosmetics she uses. She avoids trying out new products on her skin and prefers to stick with the one she is using for years.

Morning regimen

A glass of Lukewarm water mixed with honey works quite well for the actress followed up by a Yoga session


Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing is the key to glowy skin. Everyone should adapt in their life to avoid early aging and wrinkles.


She follows a rigorous exercise regimen. She thinks that working up a sweat is essential for achieving healthy, radiant skin.

She swears on DIY masks

Prachi enjoys using homemade skincare products as well. A little honey and lemon juice are combined by her for an immediate brightening impact.

Eat right & healthy

Prachi regularly eats a lot of fruits and vegetables to provide her body with the nutrition it requires.

What’s inside the makeup pouch

A compact, a cream blush, lip gloss, lip moisturiser, and sunscreen is an everyday must in her makeup bag.

Happy birthday Prachi Desai

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