10 Things only K-drama fans will understand

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava 2023-03-28,13:38:32 entertainment

Ramyeon meokgo gallae?>>>> Netflix and Chill

When Rameyeon becomes more romantic than Netflix & chill. Well, it's a flirty term used to jokingly ask if you want to have some noodles and sleep at my place


When OMO becomes the new Oh My God, you start using the term every here and there without even realizing

The second lead syndrome

You end up crying for the second lead actor after the main lead takes away the girl but you know that second lead deserved better

I season in a whole night>>>>1 episode per day

When you cannot wait to watch the whole season and end up binge watching till 4:00 clock in the morning blushing like an idiot

The second season please

Moment after you end the first season of the show you google to see if there are any upcoming seasons on the card

The older the hotter

You fall for the oppas in their mid 30’s and 40’s more than you love the Gen Z actors, we agree they are aging like a fine wine

K-dramas recommendations

When someone asks you to recommend a K-drama and you end up suggesting an essay to them differentiating every genres

Hangul is everywhere

You try using your broken Korean everywhere & terms like saranghae, daebak, Jo-ahe, aegyo, heol, hwaiting, bogoshipda etc becomes your day to day terms

Soju and chicken is your favorite snack

All you can think and crave after watching a K-drama is to drink Soju while munching on fried chicken a pot of ramyeon on a rainy day

K-beauty obsession

Believe it or not every K-drama fans have once tried following the K-beauty rules either by secretly buying the product or just following the procedure at by diy products

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