Ranbir Kapoor as a husband, how has life changed

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The popular Bollywood love birds Ranbir and Alia tied knot in April 2022 in a rush-rush marriage, let’s see how has Ranbir’s life changed after the wedding.

All praises & love

The actor praised his wife and said he couldn't have hoped for a better life partner during the Shamshera trailer launch ceremony.

Alia is the Tadka

This statement went viral & we remember the time when he once said ‘Shaadi is dal chawal for 50 saal, arre life mein thoda bahut keema pav, tangdi kabab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye nah’

This is what marriage does

We loved how Ranbir mentioned Alia, his wife as Tadka to his dal chawal contrary to his cool boy dialogue. ‘Jo Alia hai meri life mai, wo dal chawal mai tadka hai and achaar hai’

The pregnant remark

Seems like Ranbir now has to be extra careful with his playful remarks since fans are quick to point out the mistakes especially when he is soon going to be a dad.

Joke went wrong

During the YouTube live, Ranbir interrupted Alia saying 'I can see somebody has phaeloed' while glaring at her growing belly. Which shocked Alia for a bit & even enraged the fans.

The dependency remark

Ranbir Kapoor began describing his dependence on Alia Bhatt and the level of his reliance on her that some found was too over the top but in a cute way.

Too dependent on Alia

‘I boast a lot that I am very independent and detached, but in reality I am very dependent on her. I don’t go to the bathroom or eat if I don’t know where Alia is.’

The lovey dovey moments

While Alia & Ranbir keep showering us with a lot of lovey dovey pictures it’s quite understood that the actor is going through a lot of significant changes

Soon to be dad

Ranbir Kapoor is soon going to be a dad and well that’s looks well these days on his personality ever since he got hitched to Alia. Here are all the best wishes.

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