Reasons why Liger failed on Box Office

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-29,10:56:39 entertainment

Liger box office

Liger movie starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday is showing a devastating box office record just within it’s second day of release. Any guesses why?

Liger fails at box office

After generating all the hype and successful first day premiere, shows started getting cancel as soon as public review came out.

Reasons for Liger failure

Well, there are several reasons why Puri Jagganadh and Karan Johar’s pre assumed blockbuster failed devastatingly starting from bad word of mouth to over PR

Vijay’s take on Boycott trend

Vijay Deverakonda’s in one of the interviews stated ‘Kon rokega dekh lenge’ (Who will stop us will see) on being asked about the Boycott trend.

Overrated storyline

In the initial review, viewers complained that the plot was overblown and offered nothing unique.

Non thrilling climax

Liger has a decent first half, if the status quo is given a pass. But the second half abruptly shifts to the bad with an awkward pre-climax and climax as per the viewers.

Too much PR

Many people quoted that the Liger was overly promoted and there was too much of PR activties which started making no sense at the point

Mike Tyson awful cameo

By the time you must have already heard twitter buzzing with the not so appeasing role given to legendary boxer Mike Tyson. Well you know, we know

Ananya Panday emotions

Tanya, played by Panday, is seen in the now-viral sequence displaying little to no emotion as Liger actually roars to declare his love for her. Their amounts of energy are drastically different.

Liger ratings

Liger is now one of the most poorly rated movies as per the critics and now the fans of Vijay too are claiming the same

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