Remembering Madhubala: Best on-screen Jodis of Epitome of Beauty

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Remembering Madhubala

The versatile actress known for exceptional performance and iconic beauty worked in Bollywood for over 20 years. She passed away on 23 February 1969


Madhubala and Dilip Kumar

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar featured in the Indian epic historical drama film Mughal-E-Azam and their pair was liked by the fans a lot

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Madhubala and Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar and Madhubala had worked together in films like Chalti Ka Naam Gadi and Half Ticket. They enteratined audience with their comic roles


Madhubala and Ashok Kumar

Madhubala and Ashok Kumar film Mahal has influenced a number of horror films since its release


Madhubala and Dev Anand

Dev Anand who worked with Madhubala in 8 movies was amused by her charm and humour


Madhubala and Pradeep Kumar

'Saaz-E-Dil Chhed De' is one of the most amazing songs picturised on Madhubala and Pradeep Kumar


Madhubala and Sunil Dutt

The on-screen romance between the pair was breathtaking in movies Jwala and Insaan Jaag Utha

Madhubala and Bharat Bhushan

She got the opportunity to do only one double-role and one triple-role in her career and both were opposite actor Bharat Bhushan


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