Rubina Dilaik top 10 easy & effortless hairstyles

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-25,16:36:21 entertainment

Twist and braid

She enjoys braiding her hair and pinning it down with several pins to prevent falling over her face

Fishbone braids

Fishbone braids are a gorgeous hairstyle that are made by weaving cornrows in lovely patterns.


Top-knotted hairstyle completed Rubina Dilaik's quirky and cheerful look. You can swiftly tie a hasty top-knot like this one as well

Hair Bands

Her love for headbands goes beyond any stylish appearance, the diva wore a cute one over a high ponytail

Braid and bun

In this look Rubina’s hairdo was a combination of braids and bun, she plaited side part of her hair from both the side and later tied them together in a bun

Wrap with scarf

Style your scarf on your hair in a stylish ways, this hairstyle is celeb favorite while vacationing at a cold place

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail like Rubina's can be ideal if you need to get ready quickly and are in a rush.

Curl and crimp

Rubina always impresses her fans with her curl and crimped look. Curl look enhances your hair volume and is party appropriate

Open Sleek hair

Rubina created a side part and a neat hairstyle Rubina has given the hairdo a distinctive look rather than making specific style and later secured it with colorful pins

Double bun

Last but not the least is her interesting double bun hairstyle. Make two small buns in an alignment and later accessorize them with flowers

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