Dark Secrets of the K-pop industry

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-20,10:52:20 entertainment

K-pop industry dark secrets

K-pop industry is known for its glitz and glamor world, but one thing which never tends to leave its side is the dark secrets which leads the K-pop idols take step against their own

Slave contracts

K-pop stars usually start their training when they are 13 years old, agencies make them sign brutal contracts which in return pays them nothing but a career long serving behavior for the agency

Sexual assault/Prostitution

reports of managers pimping their stars to the powerful people of the country came out in 2009 when a K-actress after committing suicide opened about in her note

Assault at its best

In a report it was found that one out of 3 k-pop stars are molested or sexually assaulted, one of the known offender was Jang Suk Woo who had more than 20 complaints filed against him

Excessive dieting

K-pop idols often set a benchmark of thin body and XS size but behind this the agency make them starve for hours and sometimes days to fit in the beauty standards

Plastic surgery is the must

Even if you are against it, it is mandatory for you as an idol to get a plastic look to establish a certain beauty standard in the world

K-pop idols barely make any money

Only if the idol got their hit album on their own, the barely make money because agencies are likely to mooch off every money they make under the contract

No dating clause

K-pop idols are not allowed to date as per the contact, if they breach it then the agency show them the door or if the idol is too important to be said goodbye then the relation is kept under wraps

K-pop skinship

While fans gushes over the skinship of K-pop idols, sometimes it is deliberately shown by the agency even if the Idols are not comfortable with it, this is called fan service

The constant death threats

Fans are not the only thing a K-pop idol gains in their career, there are anti-fans who have tried threatening them in the past and even do so in the present and its not hidden from the world

K-pop Idols who committed suicide