South Indian stars who changed their religion

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Nayanthara the lady superstar converted to Hinduism after being born to Malayali Syrian Christian parents. Diana Mariam Kurian is her real name


Actress Monica, whose parents are a Hindu & Christian, converted to Islam and adopted the new name M. G. Raheema.


Indian actress and politician Nagma was baptised in 2007 after choosing to accept Christianity. She was born as Nandita Arvind Morarji.


To a Punjabi father and a Muslim mother, Jyothika was born under the name Sadanah. Jyothika married Suriya a Hindu actor, because she believes in all religions.

Khushbu Sundar

Nakhat Khan was Khushbu's birth name. She did, however, become a Hindu in order to wed Sundar C. Reportedly it was her own decision.

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja disclosed that he had discovered faith in Islam.After the death of his mother, it is believed that Yuvan Shankar Raja began to practise Islam.

Ayisha Takia

Although Ayisha was born in Mumbai, she has worked in many South Movies as well. Ayisha’s father was Hindu and Mother Muslim, post her marriage with Farhan Azmi she converted to islam.

AR Rahman

Rahman was born as A S Dileep Kumar into a Hindu family. Later, he became a Muslim and adopted the name A. R. Rahman.

Hema Malini

Since Dharmendra's ex wife was unwilling to divorce,Hema and Dharmendra married according to Islamic customs after converting to Islam, changing their names to Aisha Bi and Dilawar Khan.

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