SRK 6 iconic-drool worthy hairstyles; ponytail in Pathaan to Locks in Don

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-01-31,13:03:05 entertainment

Shahrukh Khan the style icon

Shahrukh Khan’s comeback was probably one of the best things that happened to Bollywood and fans in 2023, SRK is aging backwards and his style is making us drool and swoon.


Shahrukh’s Messy Mop & mullet hairstyle

SRK’s messy mop hairstyle became and remained a trend. From DDLJ to Dil Se the superstar’s messy and almost Mullet look has been a forever iconic style.


Shahrukh Khan’s hairstyle

From Gelled to perfectly set, Shahrukh Khan’s hair in films like Kuch Kuch hota hai and Om Shanti Om, Main Hoon Naa screams green flag.


Shahrukh Khan spikes & short cropped hair

Shahrukh Khan definitely has one of the best hair in the industry. He effortlessly rocked a spiked hairstyle in and short cropped in My Name is Khan.


Shahrukh Khan Long Locks era

Now came the sexiest phase of King Khan when his long locks became a vogue trend. His locks in Don 2 was a show stealer.


Pushed back slick hairstyle

Films like Raees and Jab Tak hai jaan featured SRK in his iconic pushed back slick hairstyle.



Shahrukh in ponytail and man bun is probably the best hairstyle on the internet right now. Pathaan delivered a massive comeback to SRK & his hairstyle is a winner.


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