8 Best Strongest Mom portrayal by Bollywood actresses

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-23,15:23:14 entertainment

Take a look at some the strongest mother character played by Bolly divas

Sushmita Sen in Arya

Arya is the Indian crime thriller in which Sushmita Sen takes up the challenging role of Arya who is willing to go any lengths to safeguard her family and especially her kids

Rani Mukerji in Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway

The upcoming Rani Mukerji starrer is inspired from a true events where a mother fights against the Norwegian law to gain the custody of her child

Kajol in We are family

Kajol portrays the role of Maya, a mother of 3 who is diagnosed with cancer. She later chooses her husband’s girlfriend to take charge of her family to secure her children future

Tabu for Drishyam

Tabu in Drishyam is an all time iconic portrayal of a mother who being a police inspector digs every secret out involving her only son’s murder

Sridevi in Mom

When her stepdaughter is sexually raped at a party, Sridevi plays a vigilante who vows to exact revenge

Shefali Shah in Darlings

Shefali Shah in Darlings portrayed a role of strong headed mother to Alia Bhatt’s character who is a survivor of Domestic violence in the dark comedy

Vidya Balan in Paa

Vidya Balan in Paa portrayed a brave women and a mother who raised her son suffering from Progeria and tackling every problems in a unique manner

Meher Vij in Secret superstar

Going against all the odds for her daughter and her passion, Meher Vij in secret superstar showed what magic a mother’s support can do in a child’s life

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