Top 10 Enemies to Lovers K-drama to keep romance flaming

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-04-07,16:31:53 entertainment

So I married the Anti Fan

Geun-yeong becomes Hu Jun's anti-fan after being fired as a result of Kpop star's misunderstanding

Secret life of My secretary

An impatient secretary serves as a major support system for the picky ceo of a mobile media company

Suspicious Partner

While she assists him as a trainee in a murder case, a young woman mysteriously becomes a suspect and things take a turn

I Am not a robot

A young CEO severe allergy restricts his ability to engage with other, his life however turns upside down when he meets a co-worker who pretends to be a robot

Love to Hate you

A meeting between a matinée star who distrusts women and a man-hating lawyer will result in a marriage of misery

The Innocent man

The entire course of Kang Ma Ru's life is turned upside down when he took responsibility for his girlfriend Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) for a crime that he didn't commit

Touch Your heart

He is an intelligent, self-sufficient lawyer, and she is a lively but naive superstar. They have nothing in common at all. But the universe has other ideas for them


For a Chaebol heir, falling in love with a college girl is only a game until he starts to fall for her as part of a small wager with his pals

Cheese in the trap

A college girl juggles her relationships with a manipulative, insecure man while working a part-time job and balancing her education

Her Private life

Sung Deok Mi, a dedicated curator of an art gallery, is a die-hard follower of White Ocean's Cha Shi-an, but she falls for her arrogant boss

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