Brahmastra part 2 deva theories

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-14,16:09:19 entertainment

Brahmstra part one shiva

The Ranbir-Alia starrer is currently the most talked & discussed topic on twitter with fans pouring in various theories about part 2 Deva and the mystery surrounding the actors.

Who is Dev?

While we are assured that Deepika Padukone is Amrita the question is who is Dev?A brief montage displayed the appearance of a powerful, long-haired Dev holding a trident.

Hrithik or Ranveer

While the names of both the actors are constantly cropping up, reddit users are sure that Dev is none other than Ranveer himself, & the physique matches him quite well.

What’s up with Alia’s character Isha?

Many ardent fans of the movie figured out that Alia’s role in the film is much more than just being a love interest. fan theories claim Ayan may have concealed Isha's genuine motives in part one.

Isha has her own motive?

A fan tweeted ‘When Tenzin dies, the Pawanastra falls,guess who picks it up? It is Isha.There is a lot to wrap up around with this character, who I think clearly has her own game plan.'

Is Isha the Jal astra?

We believe that Isha is either a messenger sent by Shiva's mother, Amrita, or one of her incarnations who has come to protect Shiva & has a great part to play in Astraverse.

What Ayan has to say

‘Now we are really getting into the story of our antagonist. Decoding it, giving you some hook to hang on to for part two’

Brahmastra part 2 Dev story

‘The problems the world will face because of Brahmastra, All of this will actually unfold in Dev’s story. His story is meant to take us back into his past but also he has returned into the present.’

Brahmastra Part 2 Dev release date

Ayan in the recent interview has confirmed that the sequel to Brahmastra will make it’s way into the theaters in 2025.

Vanar Astra

SRK's character would have a spin-off in the movie called Mohan Bhargav, according to Ayan Mukerji following a petition filed by SRK fans to introduce one.

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