Top 10 best K-dramas of 2022; Twenty Five Twenty one to Big Mouse, Anna and more

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Twenty Five Twenty one

Year 2022 would be incomplete without mentioning the love story of Baek Yi Jin and Naa Hee do, it’s one of the most watched and loved K-drama of 2022, on Netflix

Business Proposal

One of the best office romance K-dramas of 2022, not only the love story of kang Tae Moo and Ha Ri was fun to watch but the second lead couple of Business proposal also won our hearts.

My Liberation Notes

From the storyline to settings, dialogues and actors this slow yet highly relatable story of 3 siblings will instantly make you fall in love.

Our Blues

The K-drama generated a lot of hype owing to BTS Jimin OST, it turned out the plot of the K-dramas was also soothing and healing to watch.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

One of the highest rated K-dramas so far in 2022, the story of autistic attorney Attorney woo was inspiring and addictive at the same time, The K-drama is heading for a second season.

Big Mouse

Actor Lee Jong Suk made a massive comeback with thrill and love in Big Mouse the K-drama gained a cult following. The chemistry between Jong Suk and K-pop idol YoonA was just apt.

Narco Saints

Another K-Drama that deviated from the typical romance or comedy genre is Narco-Saints. The series was well received by the audience owing to it’s amazing cast and plot.


Bae Suzy's much awaited comeback with Anna was totally worth the hype, with only 6 episodes on the plate fans seemed quite satisfied and in love with the cinematography.

Juvenile Justice

The show centres on a judge who struggles to reconcile her hatred of juvenile offenders with her views on justice and punishment.


The story centres on a group of death angels and grim reapers who take in the dead and prevent people from taking their own life.

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