Best Netflix movies/series to learn English easily

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment


The majority of foreign fans of this masterpiece, which is still dominating Netflix, claim that these 6 classic F.RI.E.N.D.S. have taught them English better than nobody else.


The Big Bang Theory

The 12 season series' short, hilarious episodes are perfect for learning conversational spoken English, common idioms, sarcasm and cultural references


Black Mirror

Will provide you with a mixture of American And British accent. The level of English is intermediate. Suitable for fans of Sci-Fi.


Vampire Diaries

The iconic series is best to improve your pronunciation skills. You'll pick up a lot of new jargon as well as some amusing comebacks.


Sherlock Tv series

This is a good substitute for anyone who wants to learn, practice or sharpen their modern British English skills.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For those who don’t like intense drama as well as romantic plot, this the best choice for a dose of workplace comedy, light thrill and highlighting social issues.


Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes was Netflix's second most-watched item during its first weekend of release. It's a mystery film released in 2020, based on Nancy Springer's novel.


13 reasons why

Another new age series that became viral among youth due to its sensitive plot & tendency to keep glued to the screen. However, the use of modern slang words and phrases is spot on.

House of Cards

For those who enjoy political drama, this series will leave you wanting more. The language utilized shifts from formal to informal at times, and the words are highly memorable.



It’s a good modern day family consultant who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort hamlet in the Ozarks.


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