Top 10 BTS songs for self love and healing

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-05-20,22:56:20 entertainment

Answer: Love Myself

Best by Bangtan Answer: Love Myself a powerful anthem that encourages embracing and loving oneself unconditionally.


A heartfelt solo track by Jin that highlights the importance of self-acceptance and finding happiness within, every single line of Epiphany is highly relatable

Magic Shop

A comforting song for Armies that reminds listeners to seek solace within themselves during challenging times and that BTS is always there having back


A song that emphasises self-worth and recognises the individuality and beauty of each person is one of the best songs on self-love to date.

Spring Day

While it reflects on loss and longing, the song also encourages self-healing and finding solace in one's own strength, features the best soothing tune from both Rap and vocal line

Yet to come

Your past might be brutal, you struggled you are receiving the results now, but still this is not it, the best is Yet to come, and you will receive much more than you invested in

Not Today

A motivational anthem that instills confidence and determination to overcome obstacles and believe in oneself


‘You can't stop me lovin' myself’ An empowering song that encourages embracing one's true self and being proud of one's individuality

Love Myself

BTS love Myself is a collaboration with the United Nations and UNICEF, this song promotes the importance of self-love and spreading love to others

Life Goes on

The song which reminds that no matter what happens, life is meant to go on and that’s why longing on past is for no help, move on embrace what future and stored in

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