Top 10 Esports Chinese drama

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Falling into your smile

The all-male ZGDX team dominates the e-sports industry. But when a hand injury strikes one of the squad's main players, Tong Yao, a tiny and aspiring amateur gamer, joins the team.

Love O2O

With over 25 billion views online, it is one of the most popular modern Chinese dramas, starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang.

Go Go Squid

He is a computer whiz and a legendary personality in the world of professional gaming. She is a beautiful singer who likes him but couldn’t approach.

Gank Your Heart

This is the love story of an e-sports player and a Tsundere live streamer.Ji Xiang Kong had a solid reputation & throngs of admirers. In an international competition, Qiu Ying runs across him.

Beyond Light years

Lu Yu Chen is a student at Yan Qing University majoring in computer science. Due to an incident, beginner player Xia Xiao Ci, a college freshman, crosses paths with Lu Yu Chen.

You are my glory

An unexpected reunion between an actress and an old high school classmate occurs in an online game.

Love scenery

Liang Chen is dedicated to offering listeners with top-notch musical creations that exemplify the notion of being good. Lu Jing is passionate about big data research.

Cross Fire

The show basically tells us about two young men who are fighting to realise their aspirations of becoming professional players. They were both drawn to the game Cross Fire.

To Love To heal

a narrative about a corporate executive who encounters a kendo coach and uses various ruses to approach her,

Gamer’s generation

It talks about the future, In the year 2025, the Virtual Reality era has begun, and gamers have replaced athletics as the public's heroes.

Indians in new age Hollywood films; Anirudh Pisharody to Simone Ashley