Top 10 Fastest K-pop rappers 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Stray Kids Changbin

Changbin, a member of the JYP Entertainment Stray Kids, was already well-known to K-pop fans for his rapid rapping when he joined the survival competition.

Big Bang G-Dragon

She's Gone feat. KUSH by G-Dragon was probably the first time the world first witnessed his quick rapping.

SHINee MinHo

The singer-actor has been actively involved in the rap production of SHINee's songs ever since his debut.

BTS Suga

Suga exhibited his skill and rapping speed in BTS songs, especially in Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych and the other cypher tracks along with the iconic Daechwita

Astro Rocky

Known as one of the fastest rappers of the K-pop industry, Park Min Hyuk is the member & the lead rapper of Astro also the member of Astro subunit Jinjin and Rocky.

BTS J-hope

Following Suga the second fastest rapper in BTS and one of the leading rappers in top 10 is Jung Hoseok however he rapped faster than Suga in Daechwita.

Monsta X Jooheon

Rapper Jooheon of MONSTA X is renowned for his distinctive voice and style, and he excels at rapping exceptionally quickly.


BTS leader and leading rapper Kim Namjoon aka RM is known for his aggressive rapping and excels in being one of the fastest top 10 rappers.

GOT 7 Jackson

Jackson, the Chinese rapper and the member of GOT 7, is unrivaled in terms of musical talent and rapping speed.

Block B Zico

Woo Ji-ho, a rapper, record producer, performer, and songwriter from South Korea, goes by the stage name Zico.

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