BTS PTD on stage most Hilarious posters ; Yoongi Marry me, Jungkook….

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Here is the Daechwita gang with bts members face cutouts signs

Even the dad’s of ARMY’s are vibing on another level

Army's ready with wedding veils- Marry me Hobi

Kim Seokjin- The world wide visual stans are on a wholesome level

Did You put oil on your abs; after kook revealed doing so

RM My daughter loves you more than me

A love story you can’t delete- Taehyung

No one can beat ‘Yoongi marry me

Bam Dad I love You & Bam needs a mom became famous among Jungkook stans

Some members of the ARMY have dressed up like BTS characters...

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Taekook & Jikook trending together during BTS PTD day 4 performance