Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Korean Drama on Netflix in 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Business Proposal

Ha-ri attends a blind date while pretending to be her friend in order to scare off her friend's potential suitor but things go opposite when he reveals to be the CEO of her company

It’s Okay to not be Okay

The drama not only reached the top of the charts but also won millions of people's hearts by addressing the topic of mental health and reflecting on the value of caring and love.

The King Eternal Monarch

A modern-day Korean monarch walks through a mysterious portal that takes him to another universe, where he encounters a tough policeman.

Itaewon Class

This K-drama won the title for best drama series at the 25th Asian television awards for its out-of-this-world plot, BTS V OST, and outstanding acting.

My Name

A woman driven by vengeance joins the mafia at the direction of a prominent crime leader after her father is killed.

Sweet Home

The popularity of this Zombie series forced the makers to roll out it’s second season which in no time will grace the Netflix screen.

Crash Landing on you

The romantic adventure between North and South Korea gained enormous popularity and a stellar imdb rating making it a huge hit on the global front.


Song Joong Ki' as a mafia boss was the only thing his ardent fans were craving for and without disappointing he delivered just to the point.


This is a dark fantasy which gained worldwide status owing to it’s thrilling plotline and talented actors. The show was crowned Netflix's Most Watched Korean Series.

Sisyphus the myth

An engineer is exposed to deadly secrets and a woman from the future who has come looking for him through an unexplained catastrophe.

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