Top 10 K-dramas with most Kissing scenes to watch in 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-09-20,12:18:38 entertainment

Business Proposal

2022 Netflix Hit which shattered so many records globally, Business proposal has some amazing kiss scenes & sizzling chemistry between the both first & second lead couple.

Her Private life

Without a doubt the show is ranked top for having the most passionate kisses during the whole drama, it narrates the tale of a fan girl who works as an Art curator & falls in love with her boss

Something in the rain

If you want to experience the uncountable kisses saga, Son ye Jin and Jung Hae In Netflix favorite drama has every right to be in your binge list.


This goes without saying probably the first time the K-drama industry went a little overboard while making the girl fall for what appeared to be a red flag, in a friends with benefits story.

What’s wrong with secretary kim

If you are a Koreaboo, then there is no need to explain why the K-drama enjoys a cult following among the fans. Talk about the most romantic kisses here is the answer.

It’s Okay to be not Okay

Although the show started with a slow pace, at last Kim Soo Hyun proved why he is the highest paid industry heartthrob. The kissing scenes, Camera angles, and emotions were brilliantly captured.

W the two worlds

One of the oldest yet most beautiful K-drama of Lee Jong Suk, the K-drama again as uncountable no. of kisses and romantic scenes which can definitely sway your hearts


Ji Chang Wook’s K-drama never disappoints, especially not when it comes to Kissing. The actor is one of the best kissers in the industry & the reason why Healer is in the list.

Suspicious partner

Another Ji Chang Wook’s K-drama with amazing kisses lined up. Look up for steamy hot & passionate kisses.

Wok of Love

It is a love story that is as steaming hot as the oil in a wok. It tells the story of two college students who fall in love but have different life perspectives.

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