Top 10 most romantic Chinese drama

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-26,15:13:29 entertainment

Falling into your smile

E-sports are dominated by the all-male ZGDX team. But Tong Yao, a tiny and hopeful amateur gamer, joins the team when one of the team's key players suffers a hand injury.

Love O2O

It is one of the most watched contemporary Chinese dramas online, with over 25 billion views, and stars Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang.

A love so beautiful

Their tale is a sweet high school romance that follows the leads into adulthood and shows how their relationships have distinct effects.

Stay with me

This is the tale of Li Weiwei, who lost her memories as a result of an accident. Li is keen about reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Chen Yidu, who is now her fiercest rival.

Diamond lover

Overweight, unconfident Mi Mei Li who, after an accident and cosmetic surgery, transforms and focuses on her job. The CEO, Xiao Liang, falls in love with her during that process.

Accidentally in love

When Chen Qing Qing flees her forced marriage, she encounters Si Tu Feng, an ex-coworker who has become a well-known singer.

Sweet Combat

The story of Ming Tian, who had seen hardship and aspired to glory via sports, and Fang Yu, the heir to a strong business, both disobeyed their families in order to pursue mixed martial arts training.

Meteor Garden

The infamous Boys over flowers chinese version meteor garden revolves around an elite group of boys and a poor girl who falls in love with one of the boys.

Put your head on my shoulder

the romance between an average girl and a Physics genius. These two incredibly dissimilar persons were paired up by their moms, and they finally started living together and fell in love.

Bloody romance

In order to survive during the Tang Dynasty, Qi Xue transformed into a cold-blooded killer meets Chang An and notices a deep connection

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