Top 11 RUN BTS 2022 moments you cannot miss

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

RUN BTS 2022 Part 1

Seems like after a gap of `10 months after editors full of vengeance is back to wrote quirky captions for the K-pop idols oh no the seven frog, oh and maybe the olympic waver

J-hope the Olympic waver

RUN BTS editor got no chill!! Who read his mind? ‘Now he is the man that randomly waves at cars at the Olympic Stadium’ and that got us.

RM the dog owner

Did the editor just say ‘Confession from a dog owner who’s never been welcomed’ when RM was getting EMO, lol we cracked up.

Suga the heart filler

Editors did bad to our Rap line, we agree. Suga just drinking calmly, le editor- he is filling his empty heart with Mogu Mogu

Now everyone knows Suga is a cat

Wait here is more, they just called Suga a cat, it seems like ARMY needs to come up with a new nickname the old one HYBE seems to be using a lot.

Jin the fruit seller

Not only the Rap line but the Vocalists of BTS also had to face the vengeance of the editors. Jungkook- Jin is like a fruit basket, Editors- BTS’s fruit basket, Jin-You choose war

No one messes with J-hope

An ARMY tweeted it captioning ‘The face you make when you make a choreo mistake and made eye contact with Jhope’

BTS the scared frogs

BTS members- We are Scared, Editors- Terrified Seven Frogs

What’s dinger Taehyungshii

Taehyung’s face appeared to completely vanish. a moment later. Moreover, the editors? What-dinger?!?!

Did you guys just challenged Jungkook

Well, we are confused too…

Next one’s coming soon

Just BTS members brainstorming about the next RUN BTS game

Meet Anirudh Pisharody aka Nirdesh from Never Have I ever 3