Top 8 Indian Indie Bands you must check out

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Sitar Metal

This is the first sitar-fronted band which includes heavy metal and Indian classical music. The band is made up of Rishabh, Deeparshi Roy, Tushar Khurana & Joel Damian Rodrigues.

The F16’s

Pop disguised as rock & roll is how The F16s, a band from Chennai, India, describe their sound. The band is made up of Josh, Abhinav, Sashank, Harshan & Manu.

The Local Train

One of the most popular bands in the country, its lyrics mostly tackle concepts of self-discovery, self-identification, faith, and communalism.

Black Letters

One of the most well-known rock bands in the southern region of India. The band consists of Akash Chacko, Sarang Menon, Arjun Radhakrishnan, and Sharath Iyer.

Fame the band

The Meghalaya based band which broke down boundaries includes Sangma, Tengsam Momin,Mikkimra Shira and Mark Shira.


Reform rock, folk, and soundtracks are all Parvaaz's specialties. Khalid Ahamed, Fidel Dsouza, Bharath Kashyap and Sachin Banandur make up the current lineup as of 2021.

The Yellow Diary

The Yellow Diary has established a reputation in the independent music community. The band consists of Vaibhav Pani, Himonshu Parikh, Sahil Shah, Stuart DaCosta & Rajan Batra.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean, a rock group commonly regarded as the forerunners of the fusion rock subgenre in India was founded in 1990’s.

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