Top 9 best K-drama kissing scenes which have our heart

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-12,15:42:15 entertainment

What’s wrong with secretary Kim

Hailed as one of the legendary K-dramas in terms of intimacy & chemistry, episode 13 of the K-drama What’s wrong with secretary Kim has some iconic kissing scenes at Lee Young-joon’s house.

Her Private life

Although there are many great kissing scenes throughout the drama, viewers had goosebumps watching Ryan and Deok- mi's first kiss in Episode 9.

Melting me softly

Even the thumbnail of the K-drama speaks for its iconic shower kiss, Ji Chang Wook yet again demonstrated why he is the best when it comes to kissing.

Its Okay to not be Okay

The healing K-drama features Kim Soo Hyun and Mun Young, despite the slow development of the character’s bond the 11th episode of the show definitely was a visual treat for fans.

Business Proposal

Starting from the second lead's sizzling chemistry and continuing till Kang Tae Moo and Ha-ri’s jaw dropping last episode scenes, K-dramas came a long way in terms of kissing.


We won’t even count how many best kissing moments Song Kang has given us nevertheless, however one done in Na-bi’s dream was so passionate and on the borderline that it left fans reeling

Suspicious partner

Another Ji Chang wook K-drama where the chemistry between the leads won several hearts, there are many fervent kisses making it a must watch this valentines day.

W-two worlds

Watching how popular the police station kiss between Lee Jon Suk & Hyo Joo’s went, as time went on, Lee Jong-admirers Suk's began to refer to this kiss as the handcuff kiss.

Strong woman do bong soon

The fact that Park Hyung Sik post the filming stated that he actually started liking Park BoYoung made their iconic on screen romance even more intense.

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