Types of kisses & what they mean

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Peck Kiss

The most basic kind of kissing your lover or even your child is a peck on the lips.The short kiss, also known as the tap kiss, shouldn't linger longer than four seconds.

American kiss

Deeper kissing is involved, it is romantic & advancement over pecking. If you ever want to kiss your lover in front of others, it is absolutely appropriate and not too wrong.

On the cheek

This symbolizes love and closeness between two people. A cheek kiss is a common way to say

Forehead kiss

This style of kiss conveys trust and affection in the relationship. If your partner prefers to kiss you on the forehead, it may be a sign that they are extremely at ease with you.

Eskimo kiss

This kiss is made by touching the tip of one's nose on another's. Few cultures adopt it as a polite gesture. Having your child share this kiss with you is also quite adorable.

French Kiss

French kisses are passionate and deep kisses on the lips. This is very similar to an American kiss, with the exception that your tongue plays a much larger role in this one.

Hand Kiss

This tradition truly has European origins and is mostly regarded as a gesture of courtesy.

Neck or earlobe kiss

Neck and ears are an extremely erogenous body part that responds to even the lightest touch.

Butterfly kiss

It conveys love, affection, and fun. In order to give someone a butterfly kiss, you must flap your eyelashes and bring your face closer to theirs until your eyes are in contact with theirs.

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