Urfi Javed most bizarre outfits from Blades to pebbles, flowers, shells & more

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava entertainment

Wire dress

Urfi made a cut out dress after wrapping herself with blue wire.


Photograph dress

Here Urfi just thought of utilizing all her photos in an off shoulder figure hugging dress


Pebbles dress

Urfi threw a tight slap on the hatters who said derogatory words in her comment by wearing a pebble dress.



Urfi fearlessly flaunted a dress made up of blades which sparked online debate.

Too much floral

Urfi took the floral trend way to seriously by designing a bikini set made up of original flowers


Rope Dress

Urfi loves to experiment with outfit and on this spree she designed an outfit made up of colorful ropes.


Bori dress

Bori or a dress ? Urfi made this outfit in just 10 mins….


Chain and locks

Urfi made this entire dress with loads of chains and locks, although the after effects was’t very good.


Belt Dress

Urfi Javed once crammed himself into a belted dress with laces holding it all together.

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