Urvashi Rautela flawless beauty and makeup hacks

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-08-29,13:08:16 entertainment

Urvashi Ratutela

Urvashi is one of the most beautiful actresses in B'town with flawless beauty and chiseled body. Miss Universe 2015 has some amazing beauty hacks to achieve it

Milk Bath

In Urvashi's opinion, natural remedies are superior to cosmetics. Urvashi bathes in milk that has been mixed with rose leaves.

Why milk bath

Milk swiftly cleanses the body of pollutants and richly moisturizes the skin. So,this one is her ultimate beauty hack

Strict diet

Fruits and vegetables are staple foods for Urvashi, which gives her skin a healthy glow. Urvashi’s cheat meal is followed by an intense workout regime

What’s on the plate

Along with avoiding junk food and unhealthy meals, she likes to include salad, seasonal fruits and vegetables, almonds, oatmeal, and muesli in her diet.

Chinese relaxation therapy

Body is detoxified using cotton balls soaked in alcohol and placed in a little glass cup. After the fire has been put out, a hot vessel is then placed directly on the skin.

Say no to facial

Since Urvashi feels she already has the natural beauty of Uttarakhand, where she is from, she forgoes facials and only uses organic cosmetics.

Lipstick for rescue

Her go-to makeup look is lipstick. Even though she didn't wear makeup, she always wears lipstick before leaving the house.

Secret for shiny hair

To keep her hair silky, lustrous, and strong, Urvashi massages twice a week with warm coconut oil. She also uses gentle shampoo to wash the hair in addition to this.

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