Vaani Kapoor fitness mantra

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Vaani Kapoor’s fitness mantra

Since Vaani Kapoor has always been a vision of health and beauty, let's look at her fitness philosophy as the Shamshera actress turns one year older.

Circuit training

Exercises that are conducted in a circuit, comparable to high-intensity interval training, include intense exercise, strength exercises, aerobics and more

Stair in use

Use this easy, tried-and-true warm-up before engaging in vigorous exercise. For 15 minutes, repeatedly climb the stairs while gradually increasing your speed from slow to fast.

Reverse lunges

Reverse lunges train your hamstrings, glutes, and core. They ease joint stress and give you a little bit more stability in your front leg.

Resistance training

Regular resistance training can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and the stress the heart receives when lifting a certain load

Vaani Kapoor diet chart

Apparently Vaani was over 75kgs before entering the glamor world but now her figure never forgets to shed goals all thanks to her good eating habits

What’s on the plate?

She consumes fruits, vegetables, starchy carbs, and fibre because of their antioxidant content, and she consumes a lot of protein.

And the drinks

Her top advice and the source of her unending energy is to drink plenty of water and detox regularly with healthy juices.

Vaani Kapoor fitness regime

We compiled a list of fitness tips to adopt from the rigorous credo of the actress, ranging from cardio and circuit training

Happy Birthday Vaani Kapoor

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