Best Malayalam Movies on Amazon Prime

WRITTEN BY Sumit Kumar2023-04-09,09:28:41 entertainment


A suspenseful movie about a father who seeks to shield his family after they unintentionally commit a crime.


Bangalore Days

Three cousins who go to Bangalore to follow their dreams are the subjects of a coming-of-age play.



A love tale between a free-spirited girl and a mysterious man is explored in this romantic drama.


A love story that follows a man from his teenage years to maturity is the subject of this romantic comedy.

Kumbalangi Nights

A drama movie that explores the struggles that four brothers who reside in a fishing community must through.


A suspenseful survival drama that centres on a young woman who becomes stuck in a freezer at work.



Shakespeare's Macbeth serves as the inspiration for this criminal thriller, which tells the tale of a man who would stop at nothing to take control of his family's business.

The Great Indian Kitchen

A social drama that emphasises a married woman's difficulties in a patriarchal home.



After a police officer and a murder convict entered Moosa Khader's residence, fights broke out.

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