Why is the BTS hate community so big

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-02-24,13:07:55 entertainment

Language Barrier

One of the biggest reasons that many people hate BTS is the language barrier that prevails between Indians and Koreans


Challenging the Indian Masculinity

BTS does not fit in the norms of the traditional Indian male, because of their perky hairstyles and different dressing sense


Different style of music

BTS band has a totally different style of producing music, and it is not much liked by the Indian people

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Rude Fan base

The fanbase of BTS also known as the BTS army is considered very rude because they not only just support BTS they also promote hate for other musicians of bands


Looks over music

The majority fanbase of BTS army are girls from age 10 to 25, who just follow them for their looks and not for their music and art

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Not for everyone

As stated earlier, their music is not the traditional type of music we listen to in India, which is why not everyone loves it


Same concept

Many people believe that BTS carry a similar concept for all their songs and some have also claimed that they have similar lyrics in many songs



This post does not promotes any hate or negativity towards any community or group. These are just some facts and opinions collected in a single post. Please don't think of it as a targeted post

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