Coca-Cola bottle evolution will tell you the time period you belonged to

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava

Founded in 1886

In 1899, the first bottle with metal stoppers were launched. Previously, the drink was exclusively available at soda fountains.- The early years


A new bottle with diamond shaped mark was made available to differentiate it from it’s competitors.- 90’s wave


This era was probably the last to experiment much with the shape of the bottle. This gained the company a lot more recognition. The glass had to be at least 14.5 ounces in weight.



In the 1920s, most homes were receiving refrigerators, thus this idea was invented to allow customers to bring a pack of bottles home and drink later



Contour bottle, the shape of coca cola we know today was finally introduced.


Marking the introduction of the first coke can, it highlighted the features of the bottle to not make consumers confused.


The era was mostly dedicated to managing environmental concerns and that’s why PET plastic bottles were introduced.


After trying different flavors, Coca-Cola unveiled the "M5" bottles, limited-edition aluminum bottles. It became permanent by 2009 after its wide success.


First ever fully recyclable version of coca cola made it to the market known as The plant bottle.


The company kept experimenting it’s way to deliver the cheap and best, Coca-Cola launched their first-ever Coca-Cola slushy in Japan.

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