Weight Loss secrets of Tamil Superstar Simbu

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Weight loss journey of Simbu

Simbu aka Silambarasan Thesingu Rajendar weighed around 101, he noticed his decline in fitness while shooting for a movie and decided to make a change

How Simbu lost weight

Simbu revealed that he used to eat five plates of biryani a day, post realization he then adopted a vegetarian diet and cut out meat from his meals

The Atkins diet & body activity

Simbu followed a rigorous fitness routine that included the Atkins diet which is a low carb diet essential in weight loss and eight hours of physical activity daily

Simbu’s cardio routine

His workout regimen consisted of walking, weight training, swimming, sports, and cardio exercises

Weight loss tips

A healthy lifestyle is a key to fitness, Simbu lost up to 15 kilograms by committing to this disciplined routine and focusing on rest and nutritious meals

Simbu’s weight loss journey inspiration

Simbu was inspired by his friend Mahat, who had transformed his physique under the guidance of fitness trainer Sandeep Raj

Simbu’s massive physical transformation

He began training with Sandeep in November, weighing 101 kilograms at the time and by the end of June he was 71

Diet routine

His trainer revealed that Simbu entirely focused on changing his eating patterns and didn’t touch the junk food at all, he later went for a calorie deficit diet

Other activities

Apart from cooking his own food, he engaged himself in activities like swimming, rowing, tennis and basketball

Simbu weight loss transformation

Simbu's weight was reduced to 71.1 kilograms as of the latest update, with consistent workouts and commitment to his fitness journey

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