Healthy Lungs Tips: Follow these 5 tips to keep your lungs fit during winter

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-01-16,16:42:16 health

Air quality during winter

In the winter, the air quality deteriorates. This makes air pollution more likely. The lungs are adversely affected by air pollution. Because of this, you need to keep your lungs healthy

Lungs infections during winter

Lung-related conditions including pneumonia, COPD, asthma, etc. are more likely to develop in the winter. Follow these guidelines to maintain lung health over the winter.


Eat onion and garlic

Consume raw garlic and onions if you want to keep your lungs healthy during cold weather. These two increase immunity. Also, by consuming them, many diseases can be avoided.


Eat jaggery

Jaggery is nothing short of a health miracle. The health benefits of jaggery's anti-allergic characteristics are well known. Jaggery is especially good for the lungs.


Drink ginger tea

When it comes to keeping the lungs healthy, then ginger tea is the best. Anti-inflammatory elements are present in ginger, which is good for lungs.


Drink soup

In the winter, soup and buttermilk might help to keep the lungs healthy. The digestive system is strengthened by this. Additionally, the lungs continue to function normally.


Drink carrot juice

The juice of carrots is nutrient-rich. Beta carotene, magnesium, and potassium are all present. Juice made from carrots can assist the body's oxygen levels rise.


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