KGF Yash Drastic body transformation

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KGF superstar Yash

Today the world know Yash with the superstar tag, but the amount of hard work he put inside the character is still under wraps

Yash body transformation journey

The epic transformation of the KGF star didn’t happen overnight, although he was never overweight but his lean and thin figure might not have allowed him such challenging role

Yash trolled for Mr. showoff

Yash was once trolled by one of the South superstar being labeled as Mr. Showoff, however that didn’t took a toll on his fitness journey

Yash Diet plan

The morning regime of Yash starts with freshly cut papaya and fruits alongside high on carbs breakfast which includes brown bread, veggies and eggs

Yash lunch routine

The mid day meal routine of Yash comprises protein shakes and seasonal fruits, he also likes seafood and often incorporates one in his meal


In dinner he takes something light on protein and home cooked food, like pulse, boiled veggies etc

Yash workout routine

Yash is known for his brutal gym routine, he trains 6 times a week to achieve the desired physique, his workout is a mixture of cardio and muscle training

Yash workout

His exercise routines include 30 minutes of power training, which includes pushups, pullups, and challenging exercises performed on an empty stomach

Hard core workout

Yash reportedly hits the gym twice a day, one in the morning and the other one before evening

Yash upcoming movie

Yash upcoming film is tentatively titled Yash 19

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