Drool over famous pastries around the globe

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National pastry day

Y’all enjoying your cheat day eyeing on fruity desert, packing croissant, or munching on éclair & then feel guilty about it..well, feel royal flair as this day is dedicated to fulfil your taste crave

Short crust pastry

The most common & easy to make at home.It's best utilised as a layer for sweet and savoury dishes because it has a flaky texture that doesn't puff up.


Originated from Spain. These are half moon pies made of flaky pastry dough with little pockets and hot fillings inside.


Originated in France in 20th century. These are pastries with an elongated length, a crispy surface, fluffy crumbly core with a creamy center and chocolaty coating.


Originated from Turkey, it is arguably the most experimented & widely loved pastry around the world. Layers of thin dough are interwoven with chopped nuts and poured in a sweet syrup.


Originated from Sicily, Italy. These are crispy fried pastry in a cylindrical form, best paired with ricotta cheese and cream inside. This is believed to have originated during the 9th century.


Spain again. It is crispy, flaky elongated stick like structure which are intensely fragrant and are encrusted with sugar. Usually served as breakfast in Spain & Latin America.


Originated in France. Butter & sweet yeast dough are the perfect components for these flaky, golden-colored sickle pastries. This dessert was created in 1683 to honor the Austrian victory.


Originated in Austria. These are donut type pastries Traditionally prepared with a puffed batter that is deep fried till crispy and golden on the outside.

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