10 sexiest male cricketers in the world 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava news

Alastair Cook

Any cricket fan would be spellbound by Cook's beautiful eyes. Alastair Cook, the former captain of England's Test team is one of the most attractive cricketers.

Michael Clarke

Among the most endearing figures in cricket is the former Australian captain. In addition, Clarke is among the wealthiest cricket players in the world.

Shane Watson

Watson is six feet tall with fashionable blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a charming smile. Considered as one of the best all rounders he was quite popular off the field too.

Virat Kohli

This goes without saying that today Indian former captain Virat Kohli tops the rank of being one of the sexiest cricketers in the world with the global fan following.

Brett Lee

His 6'2 height well-defined physique compliments him on both the cricket pitch and movie screens.

Kevin Pieterson

Known for his stroke play and fashion statements, the South African-born England cricketer Kevin Pieterson is one of the most handsome & sexiest players around the world.

KL Rahul

The list of today's sexiest cricketers would be incomplete without KL Rahul. In recent years Rahul has emerged as one of the hottest and finest players in the cricket world.

Ahmad Shehzad

Talking about the present time, Shehzad is quite a heartthrob in Pakistan due to his attractive looks and of course after Shahid Afridi.

Pat Cummins

He is one of the most desirable men owing to the attention his dashing personality receives on social media.

Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik, one of the most recognizable figures in Pakistani cricket, has long been the heartthrob of the cricket not just in Pakistan, but also in the neighboring country

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