2 years of Covid Vaccination; 8 points which will go down in history

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-01-16,12:27:59 news

Covid outbreak in India

India reported the first case of Covid 19 in January 2020, following which the massive outbreak of the deadly virus created havoc all over the world & the worst in third world countries.

Covid Vaccine drive in India

India first began the Covid 19 vaccination drive in the country on January 16th 2021 and as of Dec 2022 the country successfully administered over 2.19 million doses.

Covid vaccinated population

Going by the estimate over 95% of the population eligible for the vaccine has received the first shot of the vaccine whereas 88% received the second dose as well.


After WHO commented that they don’t expect the vaccine to arrive in less than 18 months, Russia stated that Sputnik V vaccine had been authorized on August 11, 2020.

First authorized covid vaccine for India

Bharat Biotech's indigenous COVID-19 vaccine, COVAXIN® was created in collaboration with Indian council of Medical research and National institute of Virology.

The three covid vaccines

India got a nod for AstraZeneca under the registered name Covershield by Serum Institute, joined by Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and SPUTNIK.

Fatalities that were avoided

4.2 million more fatalities were averted in India between December 2020, and December, 2021, according to a study that was published in The Lancet.


Since 2020, unparalleled cooperation between governments and the multinational pharmaceutical sector has sped up the development of vaccines which is still ongoing.

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