5 Hottest South Korean FIFA 2022 Players who have K-pop fans simping

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-12-04,10:56:02 news

BTS Jungkook FIFA Charm

When BTS Jungkook performed Dreamers in FIFA 2022 Qatar, he attracted a swarm of ARMY and K-pop lovers to taste the water of FIFA and it seems like something very interesting has happened.Hottest Sout

Hottest South Korean footballers/FIFA players

Now, loads of K-pop fans are simping over these hot youngsters who are the pride of the South Korean soccer/Football squad.

Cho Gue Sung/ Cho Gue Seung

You might have heard about the viral Player 9 from the South Korean soccer squad doing rounds on social media. Well, it’s impossible to not simp over this gentleman.

Jeong Seung Won

After Player 9 comes 10, Jeon Seung Won, the Daegu FC player who takes the position of striker, midfielder and wingback and is often compared to SF9‘s Rowoon in terms of looks.

Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min no. 7, of Tottenham Hotspur is a beloved international player and South Korea’s pride. He is one of the sexiest athletes hailing in the world of football.

Cho Yu Min

Cho Yu Min, a defensive midfielder or centre back for South Korean soccer, has also grabbed the interest of K-Pop fans who are smitten over his sharp jawlines.

Min Jae Kim

Min-jae Kim is another South Korean player we're keeping an eye out for. Min-jae Kim is known for his exceptional game sensing skills and mastery in the air.

Bias wreckers

FIFA 2022's winning side will be determined by time, but one thing is for certain: K-pop fans have their brand-new bias-wreckers.

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