7 best Virat Kohli beard style & tips that every guy should know

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava news

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a style inspiration for youth, he is one of the most followed style influencers in the world as well and we talk about his style. His beard always steals the limelight.

The Classic one

When Virat was just new to the world of cricket he used to keep it short and classic , more like this one


Mustaches With Trimmed style

The mustache was kept thick, and the long, thick beard on the chin. Kohli totally rocked this look


Mustache-Beard era

Fans soon fell in love with this new Virat who confidently flaunted this full mustache and beard look


Detached Moustache

This style of Virat Kohli went quite popular even overseas, with a very little change from the previous look and a bit of detachment between the Mustache and beard he totally rocked it.


Sharp Cut beard

Virat had another well-known beard style in which he maintained a razor-sharp beard edge.


Stubble Beard

The combination of Virat’s beard style matched well with his side hairstyle and delivers and overall clean and sophisticated look


Light Goatee

A light goatee, though, can look great when worn with the appropriate hairdo.


Tips- Apply beard oil

People undervalue the advantages of massaging oils into their beards. Beard oils have nourishing components which keeps the hair moisturized and hence promotes growth.

Shave below the neckline

Virat Kohli maintains a flawless beard trim, not allowing even one strand to stray from its proper position.

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