7 Highest Paying Science Jobs in India

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar2023-02-27,16:17:12 news

Machine Learning Engineer

They develop advanced ML algorithms to teach computers to learn from experience. Their salary is approximately Rs. 686,281 per year.

Data Scientist

They are highly expert professionals whose primary aim is to create value out of large and complex datasets. Their salary is ₹708,012 approx

Data Analyst

Data Analysts combine the best of both worlds – business and IT. They earn around Rs 3,96,128, which can go up with relevant experience

Full-Stack Developer

They are programmers who are well-versed in front as well as back end coding and design of websites and software applications. They earn INR 6,23,920 pa

Blockchain Developer

They are software programmers who are experts in Blockchain technology. Their annual salary is approx Rs. 5,89,580

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers are developers who specialize in Big Data tools, frameworks, and technologies. Their salary is Rs. 7,46,000 LPA

Database Administrator

They are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure database environment by supervising data security tasks. Their salary is Rs. 8,55,070 LPA.

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