Anime for Beginners

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati

Death Note : Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological Thriller

The story follows high school student who tries to eliminate criminals with the Death Note. His actions catches the attention of Detective L which initiates a high IQ game of catching each other first

One Punch Man : Superhero fiction, Comedy

The story follows Saitama, a hero who trained his body in extreme conditions so that he can defeat anyone with one punch.

Steins Gate : Science Fiction, Psychological, Drama

The story revolves around a group that creates a machine which can send messages through time, ultimately causing ripples in the past, present and future.

Dragon Ball : Adventure Fiction, Martial Arts, Drama

One of the all time favorites, Dragon Ball revolves around Goku, a super saiyan whose goal is to fight the strongest fighters across all the universes.

Naruto : Adventure Fiction, Ninja, Martial Arts

The story is based on the main character Naruto who seeks recognition from the villagers and to achieve his dream to become The Hokage of the village.

One Piece : Adventure Fiction, Fantasy

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew while they embark on the journey to find One Piece : the treasure left by Pirate King, Gol D Roger.

Attack On Titan : Action fiction, Dark fantasy, Apocalyptic fiction, Drama

The story revolves around Ereg Yeager, a young boy whose family is killed by Titans. He vows to destroy all the titans once he himself obtains the power of titan.

Black Clover : Adventure Fiction, Fantasy

In a world full of magic powers, Asta is born without any magic however obtains the Anti-magic devils powers and climb to his dream of becoming Wizard King.

Fairy Tail : Adventure Fiction, Fantasy

The story revolves around Natsu Dragneel, as he searches the world to meet fire breathing dragon Igneel.

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